Theories and Models Regarding Formal / Informal Duality of the Labor Market

Autori: Marinescu Cristian

Publicare: Review of International Comparative Management , Volume 20, Issue 4, October 2019

Abstract: This work proposes an incursion, from a theoretical point of view, in the specialized literature that has, over time, approached the labor market through the formal / informal duality. From the review of the specialized literature, I found that the studies on the duality of the labor market were based on aspects related to: the bureaucracy or the regulations existing on the two types of labor markets (formal/informal), productivity, rigidity, of the salaries practiced on the two types of markets, as well as the option of employees for formal or informal, depending on the cost benefit analysis. In this paper we intend to detail the models and theories with specialized literature is currently operating to characterize the labor market, through the formal/informal duality, respectively models based on the aspect of: bureaucracy /market regulations (Hart, Soto, ILO), productivity (Lewis), rigidity (Joshi, Hield), wages (Kuznets, Field) or employee choice (Maloney, Perry).

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