Current Vulnerabilities of Economic Security in Romania

Autori: Marinescu Cristian, Valimăreanu Ileana;

Lucrarea a fost susținută în cadrul The international e-conference “enterprises in the global economy”, 3rd edition, organizată de Universitatea Ovidius – Facultatea de Stiinte Economice în Constanța;

Publicare: Ovidius University Annals, Series Economic Sciences, Vol. 18, Nr. 1/12.08.2018, pag:182-189,


Abstract: The objective of this paper is to develop a personal opinion on the current vulnerabilities of economic security in Romania, starting from how the economic security as well as its link to national security is addressed in the literature, as economic security is a little bit of a matter treated in the works of Romanian researchers. For Romania today, as a member of the European Union and of the North Atlantic Alliance, vulnerabilities to economic security must be analyzed taking into account both the international and political relations of our country-based on multilateral treaties involving commitments in the economic, political, justice, the environment, etc.-as well as the current state of development of the Romanian economy, as a result of the transition to the market economy (the process by which our country passed since 1990), but also the effects of the global financial crisis, on the economy as a whole.

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