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Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a generic term for all types of relationships created between the public and the private sector, with the purpose to attract in a project the resources and the expertise of the private sector, in order to achieve goods, needed to provide and/or to operate a high-quality public service with minimum of costs. A PPP is, basically, any form of public-private cooperation, but, depending on the country’s specific legislation, the way in which these partnerships are formed is different from one legal system to another, and can take many forms like: a joint venture agreement, a concession contract, or a contract for works or services.

The article appeared in Romanian Court of Accounts’ Journal No.14.


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MFP 2010Acest articol a fost publicat in revista Finante Publice si Fiscalitate” din mai 2010.

  In data de 20 aprilie 2010 a fost publicata in M.O. nr. 252 Legea nr. 69/16.04.2010 privind responsabilitatea fiscal – bugetara. Aceasta lege vine ca o completare a Legii nr. 500/11.07.2002 privind finantele publice si a Legii nr. 273/29.06.2006 privind finantele publice locale.

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